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The Physiotherapy Center

Κafousias Vas. Charalabos
Physiotherapy Center Alimos

Mr. Kafousias' physiotherapy center is located in Ionias 35, in Alimos.

It is a fully organized physiotherapy center for the rehabilitation of orthopedic neurological diseases.
We have state-of-the-art machines that offer complete services to the patient as they cover all the needs of physiotherapy rehabilitation.

We respond with responsibility and consistency to the ever-increasing therapeutic demands of the patient and we are at our disposal to deal effectively with any problem (movement, injury or injury).

The staff of our center is well trained and trained.

Fund contracts for each treatment operation.




Contact the center here and book your appointment directly.


35, Ionias str - Alimos | 2109937511, 6977463130, labkaf1@yahoo.gr