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Kafousias Vas. Charalampos - Physiotherapy Alimos Attica - Athletic Injuries Alimos - Physiotherapy Center Alimos

The Center {medium}

Physiotherapy center in Alimos.


Diseases {medium}

Athletic Injuries, Cervical Syndrome, Discellus


Contact Us {medium}

We are at your disposal.

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Physiotherapy Center Alimos Athens | Physiotherapy Alimos | Athletic Injuries Alimos Athens

Mr. Kafousias' physiotherapy center is located at Ionia 35 Avenue in Alimos.

It is a fully organized physiotherapy center for the rehabilitation of orthopedic neurological diseases.
We have state-of-the-art, state-of-the-art machines that offer complete
services to the patient, as they cover all the needs of physiotherapeutic rehabilitation.

We respond with responsibility and consistency to the ever-increasing therapeutic demands of the patient
and we are at our disposal to effectively address any problem
(movement, injury or injury).